ME(et)TEEN is an interdisciplinary research project. It aims to actively involve teens in a creative process examining their perception of self-image and self-worth. This research is a process of engaging with past experiences which have both a physical and an emotional dimension. The teens have been involved in an eight-day workshop residency, working on various tasks related to the effects of social media. The mediums used include: movement, text, sound and drawing. They have experimented and developed the performance material […]



By M-R-S Collective no(w)here is a collaborative project of dance theatre, developing in four European countries (Malta, England, Switzerland, Germany). The work explores the individual journey of three Maltese Dance Artists connected through their shared heritage. How has moving away from their homeland shaped their lives, practice and movement language? In a climate of building walls; this dance will break barriers and boundaries to bring us together as citizens of the world. This piece will use powerful and expansive movement […]


A Berlin Poem

A Project by Peter Uhr This project premiered at Uferstudios in March 2020



Aldeas Direction and choreography: Masha GurinaVisual art and scenography: Schmoo TheunePerformed by: Maria Torrents, Pablo Barckhahn, David Mareano and Sarah VellaOriginal music by: Juan Pablo De LuccaPoster by: Sasha Vidakovic Aldeas means “Cities”, or “Villages’, in Spanish. The new work explores Gurinas favourite subject: the process of transformation which happens to us, ‘global citizens’ – as we leave our families, home towns, move to different places, absorb new influences, become part of new communities, develop new identities and become ‘something […]


SODA 2 Final Works: Da Dad Dada

SODA 2 Final Works Da Dad Dada  by Saori Hala Performance dates 15th & 16th December 2017 at Uferstudios, Berlin


ME(et) YOU

ME(et) YOU If strangers meet life begins- not poor not rich (only aware) kind neither nor cruel (only complete) i not not you not possible; only truthful -truthfully, once if strangers(who deep our most are selves)touch: forever (and so to dark) (‘If strangers meet’ by E.E.Cummings) An intimate space, a crossroad, the moment when two people meet. ME(et) YOU is an exploration of movement, music and visual projection that takes the audience on a journey to experience the inevitable moment […]


Iż-Żifna tal-Poeta (2013, 2014, 2015)

Rużar Briffa, known as the poet of simplicity and beauty, is an influential Maltese poet and a major figure in Maltese literature. His works should be cherished and celebrated through a whole new perspective which has never been done before. This performance revolves around Rużar Briffa and his poems in relation to dance, movement and music. His poems inspire three dancers and one musician to explore how his writings could be expressed and translated through these various artistic mediums. This […]


Zwischenräume, Gauge Dance Theatre Company

Wie lange kann ich noch funktionieren, meinen Atem anhalten, innehalten, festhalten? Ich möchte zwischen den Zeilen lesen, dort verweilen, in diesem, meinem Raum im Raum, der weder oben noch unten, noch rechts und links definiert, in dem sich Sprache und die einzelnen Worte verlieren und mich nicht festnageln an dieser Wand der Konvention; dieser Raum, den ich nicht kenne, aber nach dem ich mich sehne. Atmen, Spüren. Meine Menschlichkeit. Meinen Herzschlag. Meine Natur. Raus aus der Enge der Worte und […]


‘Dancing the crisis’ Film documentary

‘Dancing the Crisis’ by Caroline Schaper and You-Kyung Byun Choreography and Performance: Sarah Vella Camera: Vincent von Tiedemann Editor: Caroline Schaper Music: Skyence “INSCT”


‘At Odds’ Performed at the Bonnie Bird Theatre, Laban, London

Competition versus collaboration. An exploration of the conflicting human urges to either compete or collaborate when things get tough. Choreographer: Lara Jakes Performers: Annie Ellis, Dorota Popinska, Sarah Vella Sound: Breath Shapes, David Toop Costume: Deborah Rogers Lighting: Ashley Bolitho Photo credit: Kyle Stevenson