ME(et) YOU

ME(et) YOU

If strangers meet

life begins-

not poor not rich

(only aware)

kind neither

nor cruel

(only complete)

i not not you

not possible;

only truthful

-truthfully, once

if strangers(who

deep our most are



(and so to dark)

(‘If strangers meet’ by E.E.Cummings)

An intimate space, a crossroad, the moment when two people meet. ME(et) YOU is an exploration of movement, music and visual projection that takes the audience on a journey to experience the inevitable moment of interaction.

This project is a cross-cultural dance performance by Sarah Vella (Malta) and Lisa Colette Bysheim (Norway) that aims to create an awareness about the moment of encounter and the many aspects of it. Through globalization, our world has become much smaller and our everyday lives and cultures are interweaved within each other. Different cultures meet and cross paths every day and greetings happen all the time. People greet differently depending on their culture and background. Does one adapt to the country they are living in? If so, does one lose or gain cultural identity? Is there a sense of belonging or a loss of? How does this make one feel and more importantly, is one aware of this? We aim to create an intimate space in which people from different cultures and backgrounds are invited to experience a meeting point/encounter in a new space.

Project managers and Choreographers: Sarah Vella and Lisa Colette Bysheim
Performers: Sarah Vella, Lisa Colette Bysheim and Mads Solberg
Music and composition: Mads Solberg
Film: Melissa Faivre
Lighting: Thomas Bruvik
Performance tour dates
Premiere in Bergen, Norway –> 14th and 15th October 2016 at Cornerteateret
Malta –> 26th November 2016 at Spazju Kreattiv
Berlin –> 13th – 15th January 2017 at Theaterforum Kreuzberg