Xandru u x-Xixa, Teatru Zazz Malta (youth dance theatre)

‘Xandru u x-Xixa‘ is a mixed medium project presented in Ostuni (Italy) and Malta, by Teatru Zazz Malta involving, theatre, video projections/film, dance, artistic gymnastics. The storyline was inspired by a news item reporting a tragedy at sea but was given an artistic interpretation to turn this into a modern legend with a positive twist at the end. The production is a multimedia project full of dynamic movements and projections as well as Maltese sounds and music which evoke the liveliness of Malta’s fishing village market at Marsaxlokk as well as the pain of separation as fishermen go out to the dangers of the sea, weather and other unknown perils. However, beneath the sea also lies a wonderful world of mystery which is what gives the “narrative” a happy ending.


Dramaturgy and concept: Peter Serracino Inglott and Isabelle Gatt

Direction: Isabelle Gatt

Choreography: Caroline Carta and Sarah Vella

Filming and Editing: Matthew Muscat-Drago

Video projections producer: David Micallef

Performers: Claire Azzopardi, Karen Bartolo, Danjel Buttigieg, Bennard Buttigieg, Suzanne Buttigieg, Karl Cumbo, SImon Gravino

Photo credit: Max Calzia